Hospital Management System

Dreamix Mediware A Complete Hospital Management System

About Hospital Management System

Our integrated Hospital MIS software “Dreamix Mediware” suitable for any healthcare organization from solo practices to corporations, EMR, EHR, Full Hospital Information System (HIS), Laboratory Information System (LIS), We also providing RIS & PACS with DICOM integration, Advanced Reporting with fully customizable templates, Voice reporting, Images integration, Work lists and results exchange with instruments, even Pharmacy, Inventory, HR-Admin & Accounts Management systems. This is absolutely a complete solution around 15 countries of the world are using this PACS.

Globalization is a broad, contentious, multifaceted issue that affects people and cultures around the world. In the world of our modern technologies having change all the process of activities, everything is on up gradation. Our “Hospital Management Systems” software has also that customizing option by which anybody can enjoy as per their requirements, buy just what you really need with Lifetime license because it’s absolutely a complete ALL IN ONE solution for your daily activities in a hospital. So, let’s think about it and have a better enjoyment.

  • Project Features
  • Solution
Dreamix Mediware A Complete Hospital Management System
  • Outdoor & Indoor Patient Management
  • Doctor/Consultant Management
  • Front Desk & Cash Counter Management
  • Payment Gateway Interfacing
  • Test/Investigation (LAB) Management
  • Laboratory Machine Interfacing (Unidirectional & Bidirectional)
  • Referral Management System
  • Inventory Management System
  • Auto Message Alert System
  • HR & Admin Management System
  • Integrated Accounts & Finance Management System
  • OT Management System
  • Blood Bank
  • Ambulance/Vehicle Management System
  • Fixed Asset Management System
  • Food Corner
  • Kitchen/Diet Management for Indoor Patients
  • House Keeping & Laundry Management
  • HR & Admin Management System
  • Waste Management System
Solution For
  • Integrated Systems enables instant information sharing between departments and locations.
  • Increased productivity and Reduce/Eliminate the duplication of work.
  • Error Free Inventory Management with PDT.
  • Prevents mismanagement of resources.
  • Assured branding among patients with efficient, friendly patient care.
  • Efficiently manage the supply chain process.
  • Exact Performance reports.
  • Realistic Budgetary projections based on live data.
  • Comprehensive Statistical Reports helps to take decision.

  • Online Appointment & Registration with unique Patient ID they can count their activities.
  • Can prescribe and suggest for diagnosis all the reports & images from their interfaces or anywhere.
  • Inter departmental and speedy information sharing system helps them better decision for the best patient care.
  • Patients Treatment History from their EMR/EHR they can provide proper Treatment.

  • Online Appointment & Registration with unique Patient ID helps to Case History Management.
  • Expedited Reports on EMR for Diagnosis, Pharmacies, Labs and Imaging departments.
  • Front Desk & Cash Counter Management
  • Effective inter department communication which translates to better and speedy patient care.
  • Proper information sharing which helps to make better decision in cases of emergencies.

  • Employee’s daily performance record enriches the data-base that provides their exact productivity reports which help the management for their promotion, increment or other benefits.
  • Employee can perform their activities regularly with the software and by following a specific system they can perform more without having any mistake.
  • For using software they can measure their activities by which they can make correction about their findings and have job satisfaction.

  • Automated System provides instant information.
  • Can have exact performance reports regularly.
  • Can plan for increasing productivity and reduce the costs.
  • Helps to eliminate the duplication of works.
  • Prevents mismanagement of resources.
  • Having Comprehensive Statistical Reports can facilitate to take absolute and concrete decisions.
  • Also helps overall supervision/monitoring, correction and control.