Diagnostic Management System

A Complete Pathology Lab Management System

About Diagnostic Management System

Diagnostic Management System is a user friendly software solution for Diagnostic Centres. It gives flexibility in Reporting, Billing, Accounting, Reagent/Film Management & in Interfacing to users. Diagnostic Management System (Enterprise Edition) is working in LAN.

Globalization is a broad, contentious, multifaceted issue that affects people and cultures around the world. In the world of our modern technologies having change all the process of activities, everything is on up gradation. Our “Hospital Management Systems” software has also that customizing option by which anybody can enjoy as per their requirements, buy just what you really need with Lifetime license because it’s absolutely a complete ALL IN ONE solution for your daily activities in a hospital. So, let’s think about it and have a better enjoyment.

  • Project Features
  • Hidden Features
A Complete Pathology Lab Management System
  • Reporting(Inbuilt 400 Tests included; Facility with Letter Head and Blank Paper Reporting, Envelope Printing, Different type of reporting formats are included for X-Ray,U.S.G.,Colour Doppler,CT Scan,Endoscopy, Histopathology, Cytology and Culture Sensitive Reports).
  • Billing
  • Billing(Patient Billing & Hospital Monthly Billing Facility,Advance Payment & Balance Facility).
  • Accounting
  • Accounting(Revenue Register,Receipt Keeping,Cash & Cheque Ledger,Expenses & Non-Patient Income Register,Total Income Register).
  • Reagent & X-ray Film Management
  • Reagent & X-Ray Film Management(Expired Reagent Report, Reagent & Film Entry, Reagent & Film below re-order Report, Reagent & Film usage based on Test conduction).
  • Employee Payroll Management
  • Keep track of everything related to payrolls, by making use of this facility in our Payroll Management you can generate pay-slips and reports on salaries paid / advance/ deduction, PFs etc.
  • LMS maintains patient record as well as their test records.
  • This software provides various types of Master List Like Test Group Information, Reference Doctor List, Test rate list and many more.
  • LMS provides various selection criteria for searching of patient record such as Patient name wise query, Test date wise query, and Reference doctor wise query.
  • The user itself could develop customized reports in the software.
  • Bill of the patient could be prepared with in the software.
  • Doctor's commission is automatically calculated on the patient bill.
  • Security in software is maintained at every required point.
  • The user could take backup of the database.
  • Deletion of patient record could be done with date range or the patient code range.
  • Full help of the LMS is also given for further problem at the user end